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is new trend happening in our industry. All around us, photographers and business owners are deciding that there should be more than just a few MASSIVE conferences for inspiration and education. So what are they doing? They are creating their own! In true entrepreneurial fashion, these individuals are making it happen and everyone who can’t get all the way to Vegas for WPPI or any other long distance conference are thankful for them! I personally love this movement! We’re speaking at 5 smaller conferences in the next year and we’re SO excited!!

I honestly think this is where the industry is headed when it comes to education. Sure, big conferences will probably always exist and we’ll probably always go to them, but online education and smaller, more local conference seem to be the next big thing! They are popping up everywhere!! So why am I telling you all of this?! Because I have the honor to be speaking in Alexandria, VA on August 12th for CLIC Conference! We were just a part of the Raliegh CLIC event and we absolutely loved it! I’m so excited to be a little closer to my VA friends and I can’t wait to see who comes!! This conference is for photographers who want to get inspired and grow in both their photography and their business knowledge! Michael and I are so pumped to share about this because we are actually giving away a FREE SEAT!!! AH!!! Somebody is going to be attending CLIC Alexandria for FREE! So enter the giveaway below!! We can’t wait to meet you there!! Ps. To read more about our last CLIC speaking event, visit THIS LINK! This GIVEAWAY ENDS IN 6 DAYS! After 6 days, if you weren’t the lucky winner, you can still signup with a KJ Discount 20% OFF! Just use this CODE: KATELYNVA14  EXPIRES JULY 12th!

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