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came home from some trip… I don’t even remember which trip it was…. but we were welcomed by an unexpected package at the front door. Like usual, Michael went through the mail… that’s like “his thing” to do every time we come home. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the mail out of the mailbox!! Anyway, he brought the package in and opened it. He yelled from the kitchen “Whoa! Katelyn come look at this!!”. Michael’s super talented cousin took a picture of us and Bokeh from the blog and PAINTED IT!!!! How awesome is that?!

We’ve always LOVED Chris’s work and oil paintings are my FAVORITE but when it’s a portrait of MY family, that takes my love for artwork to a whole new level!! It’s INSANE how he can paint something so realistic and yet have his own style worked into the painting too! We LOVE IT! It went on the wall as soon as we got it and we have to admit, we feel kinda fancy having a REAL portrait of us in our home!! :) We love it so much that we want other people to have a portrait of their own! So! We’re hosting a pet  portrait giveaway!!! If anyone is equally obsessed with their pup (or kitty!) as much as we are, you’ll LOVE this! All you have to do is enter below and have a high quality picture of your pet for Christopher to work from and we’ll take care of the rest!! Ps. Even if you’re not the lucky winner, you should consider hiring Chris to create a portrait of your own! I’m telling you, these would definitely win the “Christmas Gift of the Year” award!!! Check out his work HERE and HERE!!

Enter to win your own PET PORTRAIT below!!:

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