• A Night of Jazz! Last Call!

As I walked into the church, snow flurries were falling from the sky…. what a perfect way to start the night! JAZZ NATIVITY happened tonight and do not fear! If you missed it, you can come TOMORROW! Tickets are still on sale and let me tellll you! …. it will be the best $5 you spend all season! I’m talking better than any stocking stuffer, any movie ticket, and any hot Starbucks drink! It’s that awesome. (Ps. If you find a movie ticket for $5, let me know!)  However, if you come and are craving a cup of Starbucks, they are sponsoring the event and are selling coffee and sweet treats throughout the whole event! Jazz Nativity is a Jazz concert in a coffee house type setting at Gayton Baptist Church (our church!!).

Tonight was amazing and while I’m glad to get the “first perfomance” jitters out of the way… tomorrow we have two more shows coming! So if you’re in the mood for all types of jazzy rythmns and great coffee, you need to be in the West End tomorrow night! I’m serious. Last chance!! Join us tomorrow at 4pm or 7pm!!! Info here:

Come on! How can you resist cute kids and amazing coffee?!

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