Christmas in NYC!

  • Christmas in NYC!

So after 6 years and almost 3 months of dating, one starts to run out of ideas of unique, original gifts around Christmas time. Well, maybe not everyone. Michael has always been good at the gift/surprise department. However, I may be somewhat creative, but when it comes to thinking of new, fun, exciting gifts….I have no idea. There was one year where I seriously painted/framed something for Michael every time it was a “gift giving” occasion.  Needless to say, he got a little tired of receiving all of my little craft projects! So this year, before I even had to begin contemplating gift ideas for him, he said he had an idea.

Once again, he came up with an awesome gift that we decided to give each other! We spent the day in NYC! This wasn’t just a day of ordinary sight seeing, we had plans! Not only did we get tickets to see the FABULOUS broadway musical “Wicked”, he made dinner reservations at an awesome japanese steakhouse and surprised me with a tour of the “Museum of Modern Art”.  We felt quite cultured after the day was over!

We had a great time. I’m really shocked that one, Michael didn’t lose patience as I lagged behind snapping pictures of every in sight and two, that I didn’t get hit by a cab while snapping pictures of everything in sight! I’m not used to fast paced traffic. Taxi drivers don’t stop for a girl in the middle of an intersection who just wants one more pic of Rockfeller Center! I am definitely not made for city life but it was so much fun for a day! Take a look at some of my favorites from the day!

Ok, I’m not a huge modern art fan and Michael and I were both a little skeptical about what we would find. However, besides a few strange exhibits, it was awesome! We got to see some classics like Andy Warhol, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso…it was neat. Michael and I both suffered through art history class but as we walked around, we began to notice and recall a lot of what we had studied! I did learn something after all! So while some of these pieces may seem strange, they’re a big deal!

Wicked was incredible! I would totally pay to go see it again tomorrow! and then the next day! It’s just THAT good! Wow. If you have never had the oppurtunity to see a broadway play, this is the one!

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