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  • Christmas is Here!

Christmas Eve is here and guess who DOESN’T have all of her shopping done…. yup, ….that would be ME. I STILL have like 3 things to get and I’m afraid of Broad Street. Shopping in Short Pump this week has been a nightmare! So I’m heading to Target soon to try to conquer my list and then I’ll start the wrapping process.  Something else that ISN’T done is our Christmas Cards… I’ve mailed about 3 of them. That’s it. We had them printed and have had them sitting in our house for about two weeks and yet I still haven’t had time to sit down and address them! ah! They will definitely be late but hey! it’s the thought that counts…. right?

Michael and I have felt so loved this year with all of the amazing Christmas Cards that we have received! I never realized how awesome it is to receive mail (maybe because I’ve NEVER had a real mailbox until NOW!).  It’s so much fun getting little cards from family and friends all over the country and then trying to find a place to hang them! We love it! And I loved three cards in particular because they were just so classy! We didn’t go all out for our cards this year… we opted for the postcard idea and it worked just fine… however, one year we’ll have the fancy, pretty cards like these!!!

And here are our Christmas postcards!

Thank you to all of our amazing friends who have sent such sweet holiday greetings!!! We love you!

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