• Christmas Card Portraits

ever stopped to think about ALL THE THINGS we strive to accomplish at Christmas time?!! We literally pack as much STUFF as we possibly can into one month and it’s kind of crazy when you really sit down and consider ALL that goes into the Christmas season! Now, I’m not complaining! I LOVE THIS SEASON! If I could sit in my living room with a glowy tree all year long, I would! I’m tempted to leave our decor up until February!! However, during my late night errands and christmas card addressing, I realized that what we’re accomplishing during Christmas is REALLY impressive!!

We’re doing things we try to do ALL year in just a few weeks! Just take a look at this list!:

– Travel to see family from our of town

– Spend the night and spend several days relaxing with the family!

– Get new family pictures taken! Speaking of this, thank you Jill for our new ones!! You like?! It was a good 20 degree when we took these.. maybe that’s why we look like fools in some of them! ha! 

– Actually PRINT those new pictures AND order cards in time to be printed and labeled and stamped and mailed before the 25th!

– Buy gifts for EVERYONE you LOVE in your life! Now THAT is an accomplishment! 

– WRAP all the gifts for everyone you LOVE! 

– If you have kids, you have plays to attend and pageants to see. They’ll probably want to go caroling too! 

– You literally re-decorate your house! For one Month! (I love that part:) 

– You decorate the OUTSIDE of your house, not just the inside!!! ha! 

– If you have a church family, you’re probably involved in some production of some kind with rehearsals and performances.

– If you’re like us, you host several parties and get togethers because it’s the holiday’s and people will make it a priority to get together!

– Last but not least, you MAKE TIME for your family and your friends… 

It’s amazing to be that even in the midst of the CRAZIEST season of the year, we still make time to be together and have quality time together… it just makes me realize how much scheduling “time off” matters. December 23rd, 24th, and 25th are “OFF DAYS”…. that’s a no-brainer!! A friend of mine, Alicia, just posted about how she missed having “down time” this December and so she has already scheduled time OFF on the calendar for next December and I’ve done the same!! Michael is going to be so proud! :)

So anyway, have a wonderful Thursday and good luck all of you last minute shoppers this weekend!!!!

Oh my gosh… why am I posting these????…….. Because they’re hilarious.

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