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  • Merry Christmas!

house to yours… MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I’m so BEYOND thankful for all of you that check this crazy blog. This blog started as a little place for me to post my work… and it’s turned into the HEARTBEAT of my business. I’m so blessed that people even care to come back to it day after day! That really blows my mind!! Most days I like to think that just my mom and sister check the blog because it’s less intimidating that way!! However, google analytics would suggest otherwise. My mother would actually appreciate it if I were to feel more intimidated about my blogging because

I’m not the best spell checker in the world. So, I am publicly apologizing for my grammatical/spelling errors that have graced the pages of this blog in 2012. I will make it a goal in 2013 to work on that…. for my mother’s sake!  I hope EVERYONE has an amazing holiday season!! Hug those loved ones tight, put the smart phones away and enjoy your time together over the next few days!! I’ll actually be taking a blogging hiatus…for ONE day. There will not be a post on Christmas Day. GASP. I preach consistency but I think one day off will be just fine.  The world will not come to an end if I skip a post.  So MERRY CHRISTMAS blog readers!!!  I don’t know all of you… but I sure do appreciate all of you!! THANK YOU for making my business what it is today!!!!


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