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The skies were cloudy but I’ve learned not to let wedding day weather fool me. Just because the skies aren’t blue and the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean that it can’t be a BEAUTIFUL day. In fact, some of my BEST wedding days have been overcast and so I gladly welcome the clouds! Michael and I drove through the rolling hills of Scottsville (a small area outside of Charlottesville) until we arrived at camp. Trey and Kiersten decided to have their wedding on Trey’s parent’s property that they have converted into an incredible camp that Michael and I have been going to since high school! You can read more about that here!  This incredible family has been a part of our lives for a while and so to be the one that was able to 

document this day meant so much! I remember meeting Kiersten and Trey when they first started dating.  We were all so young… but year after year, as their relationship continued to grow, I wondered about this day.  I knew their wedding would be amazing because they are amazing people but I didn’t expect to bawl my eyes out during their ceremony!! Goodness I was a wreck! Trey and Kiersten decided to record their voices over some light music and play a message to each member of their bridal party as they walked down the aisle! Sweet, right?

I was doing great until Trey’s voice came through the speakers and started talking to his dad. As Travis walked toward his oldest son on his wedding day, Trey told him how much he loved him and how thankful he was to have such an incredible role model as a dad. He was crying, Trey was crying, Trey’s mom was crying and so I just had to join in!  I mean mascara was running and everything! Then, just when I though I had myself together, Trey saw Kiersten.  Now anyone that would argue that doing a first look strips away the emotion of coming down the aisle during the ceremony needs to view this wedding! Clearly that is not the case.  Trey did his best to hold himself together as he watched his bride come down the aisle! I’m just thankful their image were in focus because I was a mess!! :)


It was beautiful… the whole day was beautiful! And I’m so thankful that I was able to capture it! Trey and Kiersten, congratulations!!!! I’m so excited to see what God does with your new marriage and ps. welcome to RVA!!!! Enjoy of ton of favorites!!

Loved Kiersten’s bouquet! It was a DRY bouquet! No live flowers! …. It was indestructable!

Kiersten has a Norwegian background and they have a tradition for weddings that incorporates spoons and so Kiersten’s jewelry was made from spoons from her family’s silver set! 


Looking good Trey!!

One of my favorite first looks…

He literally ran to her:)

And this is why I love having a second shooter. Michael grabbed this…

While I was shooting this…

First 2 minutes of portraits and this is what we got? YEAAA!! I knew it was going to be a good day! :)

Kiersten you’re beautiful! 

a favorite!

Michael shot this next one for me….

A giving tree! Such a cool idea!

And this is where I started crying…

Instead of sharing communion or lighting a unity candle or pouring sand as their first act together as husband and wife, they decided to wash each other’s feet. Now if you’ve never heard of this, it probably sounds strange so let me explain! Jesus washed His disciple’s feet to show them what it means to be a servant leader. He didn’t lead forcefully, He lead by serving and loving… and so Trey and Kiersten adopted that idea and decided to use it as a symbol for what their marriage is going to look like. Michael washed my feet when he proposed to me and so I automatically love this idea. :)


Probably one of my most favorite candid shots after a ceremony… ever. 


work it!!


So cute…

Off they go to their reception!

And they ended the night with smores and a campfire… BOTH of my weddings last weekend ended that way!! :)  Congrats you two!!

Venue | Watermarks Camp
Brides Bouquet, Mother and Grandmother Corsages, Grooms Boutonniere |
Pinwheel Bouts |
Paper Pinwheels | Leah Hood/ LeahRHood
Reception Flowers | Made by Bride’s Mother
Wedding Coordinator | Lisa Himes
Hair & Makeup | Moxie Hair and Body Lounge ,
DJ | Shaner Sound |
Video | Kyle Fletcher
Catering | Gideon McMullin
Invitations | Josh Crizter
Honeymon | St. Lucia and Wintergreen
xoxo, Katelyn
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