• Embracing Fall

me with a wedding on Saturday and throughout conversations, she mentioned that we should join them in Charlottesville the next day to go apple picking! My first thought was “YEAA!!!!”…. and then my second thought was “but we just got back from a trip and our house is a disaster and I have 108 emails that need to be replied to and a wedding that needs to be culled … we can’t do that, no way!”….. THEN, my THIRD thought was “Katelyn, you wanted to doing something fun and fall-ish and you’re NEVER going to do it if you’re constantly waiting for “the right time” “. There would NEVER be a random FREE day this fall when Michael and I

could plan to go to Charlottesville with Buddy and Jill.  If this was going to happen, it had to be now… and so we decided to go.  We left church, changed clothes, put Bokeh in his little harness and headed west!


After realizing that everyone in the state of VA was at Carter’s Mountain, we discovered Chiles Orchard and we spent the afternoon Apple Picking and picture taking! So fun!! No schedule, no agenda, just a lot of free time and beautiful backdrops! Bokeh had a ball and we’re realizing more and more that he’s quite the social butterfly. We would let him walk around without holding his leash and he normally stays right around our feet (probably because he doesn’t realize he’s FREE!). However, he spotted a toddler one row over and before we knew it, Bokeh was trying to join up with another family!


It was a perfect 70 degrees and I’m SO thankful I decided to let the WORK go and enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the valley!! We are so thankful for Buddy and Jill and their friendship! Thank goodness they’re only a little over an hour away!! A HUGE thanks to Jill for taking some pictures of the three of us! We randomly took a few family portraits and I’m so glad Jill made us stop for them because I LOVE THEM!!! So much!!! Enjoy!!

There he goes!

big yawn!!

ohhh my goodness!!

Love this!

The husbands had the cameras… not sure what this was, haha

YAYY!! I think we need to print this!

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