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I’m typing in bed.  It’s nice. The weather channel is playing and I’m watching Irene come up the coast and praying she doesn’t mess up vacation plans and a new england shoot next week! (Fingers crossed Debbie!!)  It’s not looking to good. People around our area are filling up the gas tanks and buying extra food just in case. I have to admit, I love storms. I would never wish horrible devastation on anyone, however, I have always found storms to be extremely exciting! So I’m hoping for the hurricane to roll through on Saturday and be gone and off the coast by Monday.. that would be perfect! Michael and I have been looking forward to our

northern vacation and we really really want it to happen!  Speaking of vacation an getting away, Rebekah emailed me months and months ago about doing a shoot in Charleston, SC for their anniversary and I was thrilled! We put it on the calendar and because it was booked SO long ago, it felt like it would never get here! Well, August 20th has come and gone and we had an amazing time shooting in the streets of downtown Charleston and on Folly Beach. Now I can’t believe it’s over! Bekah and Ryan were married two years ago and Bekah really wanted to have a fun shoot in her wedding dress again! I can’t blame her! If I looked THAT good in my wedding dress two years afterwards, I’d want to do a shoot too!! I love these shoots because they are so laid back and relaxed. The dress can get dirty and there isn’t a time restraint like on the wedding day. So we walked down Hassel Street, shooting on random doorsteps and in front of beautiful Charleston homes. Then we headed out to the beach for late late evening shots. It was a beautiful day… a little HOT, but beautiful. It was so great meeting Ryan and Rebekah again. Bekah and I met at Steph and TJ’s wedding last summer and have kept in touch ever since. It was such an honor to do this shoot for them and we got some fabulous images! Rebekah and Ryan, thank you SO much for sitting, standing, laying. running ANYWHERE I asked you to! You two are the BEST and I loved my time with you!!! Enjoy my favorites!

Really?! Bekah you are so beautiful girl!! 


Love these too!

Perfectly appropriate!:)

Whoever’s car this is… thank you for the prop!

Coolest driveway ever.

I was only going to take one here… and then it turned into like 50! The light was awesome!!

Oh Charleston, how beautiful you are!

Off to the beach right before sunset!

one of my favorites.

A coconut from their honeymoon!



xoxo, Katelyn
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