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Sometimes I don’t want to share my secrets. There are some things that I love and I only tell my coaching and workshop photographers about! It’s fun to share little pieces of advice with them that I haven’t talked about on the blog before…. but today I’m sharing one of those secrets! I’m sharing a resource that photographers are going to drool over! Michael and I have used CGPROPRINTS for years and we love the quality, color and the price! It’s incredible how affordable these canvases are! The SURPRISE isn’t just that we use CGPRO, it’s that CGPRO has been working on a new product!!

Michael and I were spoiled and we received one of these new products of our own!! It’s beautiful and the material is so unexpected…. any ideas!? CGPRO just announced that they are now offering LEATHER canvases!!! Who knew, right? LEATHER! They are stunning! I love how unique the material is and how the leather takes the wrap to a whole new level. It feels awesome, it looks awesome and it even SMELLS awesome! :)

I love CGPRO because they are the only company that allows me to purchase high quality wraps at an affordable price with a super fast turn around time! And NOW they are elevating their products to a whole new tier!! I view these new Leather Wraps as their luxury line and I’m falling in love with them! Here are a few things I really love about CGPRO’s products and the new Leather canvas option! :

  • Super fast delivery
  • High quality. We have NEVER had issues with color or quality… even with our massive sizes in the living room!
  • The backing of these wraps are amazing! You will not find open backs with staples showing or excess canvas material hanging off the edge.
  • Built in hooks for hanging! What a time saver!

We loved our leather wrap of Bokeh SO much that we’re actually partnering with CGPRO to give away FIVE 16×24 leather wraps!!! Ah! Enter below! Who doesn’t love a new canvas… especially a LEATHER one?!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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