• Carytown and Shockhoe Bottom Engagement Pictures

There was a heat advisory for the Richmond area on Thursday evening and normally, I would cancel the session. It’s really hard to enjoy being close to your fiancé when it’s 100+ degree outside with 80% humidity!! However, these two flew in and they are getting married this FALL! I knew that we needed to make this session happen and I emailed them to let them know that they may want to bring some extra water and sweat towels. Right after I sent that email, I remembered that they lived in TEXAS and that they were in the military. They were completely fine with a little heat advisory!!

We met them in Carytown and then headed to Shockhoe Bottom for some more industrial locations. Whenever you pick downtown locations you run into some interesting scenarios. The most entertaining sight was the SWARM of Pokemon GO players on Cary street! It was crazy! We stayed on the residential streets to avoid all of the craziness and I’m so glad that we did because we found so many gorgeous locations!

Michael and Michelle just naturally make one another laugh. It’s so refreshing to walk around with a couple that you feel like you have known for a really long time! We talked about the wedding, how they met, what they are most excited about, etc. These two will be getting married at The Mill right outside of Richmond and this is a destination wedding for them! This means that when they fly in to visit, they have to get a lot done! In a matter of a few days they had half a dozen wedding planning meetings AND had their engagement pictures done! They are efficient! It’s easy to understand how we were able to take so many portraits in such a short amount of time!

I hope you enjoy this summery Richmond engagement!! If you think these two look amazing, just remember that they look THIS happy and THIS in love in the midst of extreme temperatures! So impressive!! We can’t wait for the wedding!


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xoxo, Katelyn
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