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I have a fetish for frames. I buy them on impulse and sometimes I don’t even think about it. I just love them.  Target’s frame section is the death of me and I try to avoid every time I’m in the store!

However, I do put my fetish aside for one thing, canvases. There has to be a GOOD reason for me to prefer something over frames so listen up!

1. Canvases are 40% cheaper than getting a large print and then paying for custom framing

2. They come READY TO HANG! No wires, not attachable hangers.

3. They weigh next to nothing! (husbands and fiance’s will LOVE not having to drill huge anchors into the walls!)

4. They are TIMELESS and so so classy!

5.  They look AMAZING over mantles!

Take a peak at Adam and Ruth’s new canvas! LOVE IT!

Look! Ready to hang!! So convenient!

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