Well, the last 72 hours have just been crazy. Absolutely crazy.  I’m working and then I’m trying to think of colors.  I’ll be editing and then start looking at dresses.  I’m returning emails and then I find myself staring at my left hand! Seriously, it really doesn’t seem real.  Michael is starting a new job in Newport News a little sooner than we anticipated and so once again, we’re doing the distance thing.  Good thing we’ve become long distance experts….kinda.  It’s still not fun but we know what to expect.  I mean, I’m spending my whole life with him, I guess a couple more weeks apart will be ok.

Anyway! This whole stage of life is like one big transition.  That transition of growing up started in college and never stopped! This is really a weird stage for me.  I’m running a business out of my bedroom! My office, studio and bedroom are the same place and every now and then I get antsy.  During one antsy moment I decided that I didn’t care that I didn’t have a studio and I was going to order 7 sample stretched canvases!!! What was I thinking? Where in the world was I going to hang these?! Well on my bedroom wall of course!  You may have thought I was a little strange before but NOW you’ll really think I’m nuts! I have sample canvases of OTHER PEOPLE decorating my room! Yes, every morning when I wake up I see Christy and Kenny! ha! Creeper-ish? yes.  However, one day I will have an office and maybe even a studio! ahhh. That sounds so nice!

Anyway, please take a look at these awesome canvas prints done by SimplyCanvas! That company won me over when they sent me a handwritten thank you note for my purchase! I’m a sucker for friendly, relational companies.  They’re top notch!

I literally offer any size you can think of and this is such a cheaper way to go than doing custom framing! If you’re a past bride…ORDER ONE TODAY! YOU’LL LOVE IT!!! PROMISE!

Isn’t that an awesome size?! …and couple:)

I also designed some promotional canvases and I LOVE the way they printed!

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