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we decided to have a candy bar for our favors. BEST. IDEA. EVER.  I wasn’t always set on this idea. I had thought about making cute little individual gifts for all of our guest… and then I looked at our guest list of 400+ people and I became frightened. No way! So the Candy Bar was our best option. We spent about $300 on our candy bar and while that might seem really expensive… you have to realize that this candy bar was for a HUGE wedding! $300 for favors means that we spent less than $1.00 on favors for each guest. (And I got some awesome apothecary jars that now reside on our mantle!). Momma and I bought the candy

while we were waiting for my final dress fitting. Needless to say, the little man that owned the candy store LOVED us!!  If you’re planning a wedding for 150-200, a candy bar would be MUCH cheaper!  Brides can easily spent hundreds of dollars on favors that AREN’T EVEN CUTE! If you’re a DIY bride (do it yourself)… then a candy bar is for you! This is such an easy way to have a unique display at your wedding.  (Ps. The magazines love them too:)  Candy bars are fun and EASY to make! All you need to do is:


1. Find fun jars that are all different heights and sizes. If you’re doing a vintage wedding, mason jars are always a good place to start!

2. Purchase or make candy and treats that coordinate with your wedding colors! Our candy was not EXACTLY the same color teal as our bridesmaids dresses… we used variations of teal, blues, green and browns. We even threw in some ivory candies to brighten it up a bit!

3. Find a piece of furniture/ cute table to display the jars

4. Make labels for the candy if you want! And you will need to make something that the guests can put the candy in… You can personalize small paper bags, cupcake wrappers, etc. We used paper cones and I labeled them “CANDY CONES”!!  Ohh I kinda want to plan a wedding again… just not for 400 people!



So enjoy some of these candy bar ideas! For all of you Sugar Shoot attendees, get excited because these next few images are a sneak peek of the Candy Bar that you’ll be shooting during the Sugar Shoot Workshop in March!! yay!!

Here are a few shots of Eddie and Lilian’s candy bar!!

Here are a few shots of OUR 10.10.10 candy bar! We used my great aunt’s antique silver pieces as scoops for the candy!

And checkout this awesome Black and Pink theme from Matt and Brittany’s wedding this past weekend!

One LAST reason to do a candy bar at your wedding….they make for fun ring shots!

xoxo, Katelyn
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