Camera Makeover

  • Camera Makeover

It’s always fun to receive packages from the mailroom ladies but it’s EVEN BETTER when they say “Oh hey Katelyn… you have FIVE today!!” Yes, that’s right! 5 packages!! Too bad they were all business related and none were personal!  That’s ok, I was still extremely excited to receive my 5 boxes of camera accessories!  I have been putting it off but I finally bought a battery grip for my MarkII and it is now accompanied by a handstrap! Perfect! That’s what I needed. I hate the long strap and I make myself nervous just resting my camera on my arms while I try to give instructions. So we are going to give this a try and see how it goes! I love that the battery grip stores two batteries and so I will never have to change them during a wedding but I think I also secretly bought it because it makes my camera look so legit. ha! Seriously, it’s so heavy now!!


I also purchased some new CF cards and I know I’m not the only photographer that is annoyed at how much those things cost! Gosh.

Ok I know someone is going to notice that my diamond is on my right hand…I just wanted it in the picture ok!? I’m still a little obsessed with it! Thanks to my wonderful roomie Britney for the pic!

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