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This may sound like a no-brainer but if it was a no-brainer, I wouldn’t be blogging about it! There are a lot of brides who have NEVER put on their dress outside of the dress shop!! I was the weirdo who tried on her dress like every evening because I was so excited!! However, my dress was really easy to put on. I could put it on by MYSELF! It had one simple ZIP in the back and that’s it! However, there are a lot of dresses that require much more than just a simple ZIP! These are the dresses that I’m referring to today in this post!

If you happen to be a bride who has a more complicated dress, please pay attention to this post because it could save you a lot of stress on the big day!! You need to make time to try on your dress with either your mom or maid of honor… someone who will be with you when you’re getting dressed. So often, there are brides who are getting in their dress and no one knows how to lace up the back or how high the waist is supposed to be. It can cause a little panic when the bridesmaids lace up the dress and then everyone realizes that the dress is off-centered and/or not tight enough. When you have to re-lace the dress, this can easily throw off your schedule and then that can cause extra stress as well. Now, when this happens with our brides, we tell them it’s totally fine! “Don’t worry! We’ll make up that time!!” … And we always do! However, if I can save my future brides from that panicked feeling… I want to!!

So my best advice is to plan a time to PRACTICE putting on your DRESS!!! Try it on with your shoes to make sure the height is what you like. Try it with your undergarments to make sure it fits well and nothing shows and last but not least, try sitting to make sure it’s possible!!

I hope this is helpful!! Photographers, if you have brides that could benefit from hearing this, share away!!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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