• Whitney's Bridals

don’t happen very often for me and so when I have one booked, I’m pumped!  It’s such a southern tradition and I know so many photographers in the Carolina’s that shoot them for EVERY bride! It’s a fun shoot but it does take some prep work for the bride and so I understand why most opt out of the shoot. I shoot bridal portraits on the day of the wedding but if you’re wanting a canvas displayed at your reception, a bridal session is a must! :) Whitney’s session could be described as “A piece of cake”. Seriously! We shot this session in record time because we had a late start and the sun was setting FAST!

So I shot like a mad woman and she modeled like she owned Windsor Castle!! Michael came along so that I could work on the drive down and he brought Bokeh along. I have to say that Bokeh probably had the TIME OF HIS LIFE because we let him try out his first dog park! It was hilarious!!! He loved it! So while I shot these portraits, Bokeh had a play date. It was overall just a wonderful fall afternoon!!! Enjoy some favorites of this beautiful bride! Whit, you’re stunning!!!





A favorite!

Golden light!

xoxo, Katelyn
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