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I’m stuck. I have so much 101010 stuff left that I don’t know what to save and what to keep. I love it all. Some of the larger wedding decor may be finding a new home soon but it’s all the smaller things that get me. I just want to keep it all…. but I live in a 1300 sq ft cape cod with NO CLOSET SPACE and no basement! So, the remains of the 42 centerpieces are scattered all over the place in my parent’s basement. I’m gradually going through some of it piece by piece. I brought a box home of some of the little things I loved and Michael gave me a look that said “and where is all of this going?”.  Ha! I have no clue! I just want to keep it because I love remembering that day!

However, I should be fine with just pictures right? I have pictures of ALL of my details… that should suffice. Welp, it doesn’t. I wanted to keep some little trinkets from 101010 and so I figured out a little solution.


Luckily, our colors in our living room coordinate with the colors of the wedding! PERFECT! So our Christmas Tree (don’t know why I capitalized that!) will be peacock themed and will still match the room! What a dream!! So, since dark teal matches the living room colors, I placed one of our cast iron birdcages from the wedding on the edge of the fireplace and gradually started adding wedding keepsakes. My shoes, my hairpiece, sweet cards from some of our guests, a peacock journal that I wrote notes to Michael in all throughout our engagement, and other random details fill this cage! I love it! It sits beside the fireplace and it matches and it reminds us of how amazing that day was.  So for all of you brides out there will left over trinkets and keepsakes from your wedding, just find a fun, decorative way to display them! One of my dear friends and bride, Em, had a family member make a shadow box full of her keepsake wedding details! It’s perfect! So no matter how long it has been since your big day, gather your wedding details that you still have and get creative!! One day, when the frames are hung and the wedding canvases come in, I’ll show pictures of the house and our cute little keepsake cage by the fireplace!:) Happy wednesday!!!

Yes, those are still LIVE succulents from our wedding day!!! Had to use them one more time! Thanks momma for keeping them alive!

There’s no way I can throw this stuff away!!!!

The Keepsake Cage!

xoxo, Katelyn
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