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today is an exciting day!!! Over TWO YEARS ago I started a little project I like to call “The Bridal Guide”! The idea was that I wanted to create an bridal magazine for my brides to receive once they book with us! Sure, I could just send them a copy of The Knot or Southern Weddings but I wanted this gift to be personal! The Bridal Guide is not only full of my favorite images, it contains TONS of helpful information about planning a photography-friendly wedding day!! We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to the project and I’m SO relieved because this has been something that I have wanted to do for so long!!

Now, for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?! Well, after much thought, Michael and I have decided that we shouldn’t keep  The Bridal Guide to ourselves!! We have worked so hard on this project and we realize that creating a custom wedding magazine for your clients isn’t easy. This is why most photographers don’t even attempt this type of project! There are some online resources that can provide $100 Templates for 15page magazines and we started thinking “Well why can’t we provide a template?!” So the last few months, we have been working on making the Bridal Guide available for ALL!! We’ll be selling the Bridal Guide in 3 variations:

1. Full PDF Ebook

2. A Template of the Bridal Guide so that you can create your own! (No content)

3. A Template of the Bridal Guide WITH ALL OF OUR CONTENT!

We’re so excited about this!!!

The Bridal Guide will become available for purchase on WEDNESDAY of this week!! And because we’re so excited about releasing this big project to the masses, we have decided to give our NEWSLETTER friends a FREE piece of The Bridal Guide before the big launch! BUT, you have to vote and tell us which piece you want!! Would you like……

1. Pre-ceremony and Bridal details tips?

2. The Ideal Timeline Explained?

3. The Pros of a First Look and why your clients should do one?! 

So which one do you want?! VOTE BELOW!! (Click your choice and then click “vote”!) :


We’ll be releasing the Bridal Guide options AND the free segment to our NEWSLETTER community before everything is live to the masses on Wednesday! The OTHER exciting news is that we have ANOTHER surprise that we’re sharing on Wednesday as well! If you want to be the first to know and the first to have access to the free segment of the Bridal Guide, be sure to SIGN UP HERE if you haven’t already!!! Ah! We have so much to do before Wednesday so GET EXCITED and stay TUNED!!!! Newsletter friends, you can expect to receive the BIG SURPRISE email around 11pm EST on Tuesday night!

Ps. We’ll also be announcing the final 2014 workshop and coaching dates through the newsletter as well!!


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