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As I was creating this blog post… this very LATE blog post (I’m running a little behind today:)…. I realized just how many friend’s weddings we have been a part of over the last few years. As I scrolled through the bridal party pictures and the reception shots, I saw couple after couple that we have celebrated alongside of on their wedding days. It’s such an honor. Being with JR and Sarah all day was so much fun and let me say this, memories were made!! We were ahead of schedule and so instead of driving the bride and groom to their ceremony location, we made a little pit stop… to Chickfila! I mean that’s what everyone does on their wedding day right?! We stopped to get some nuggets and a milkshake for JR….and I can honestly say that it was a first for us! Only with friends will we do something crazy like that!!

We finished our mid-wedding day snack and arrived in time to prep for the ceremony. It was a beautiful day for JR and Sarah to start their new life together!  I mean, 70 degrees in mid-November?! What are the chances?! It was perfect! Between Sarah’s squeals and JR’s facial expressions, there was no doubt that this was a joy-filled wedding day!! These two were SO excited to FINALLY be husband and wife!!!!!

JR has been one of Michael’s most loyal friends over the years and I just love seeing him so happy. Sarah is truly his perfect match and being a part of their wedding day was such a joy!!! Multiple friends and family members commented throughout the day about how happy they made each other and I’ve found that to be so true whenever we hangout with them. JR truly married his best friend on Saturday and that’s reason to celebrate!!

I have to thank Jill for shooting the ceremony with me since Michael was in the bridal party!!! :) Enjoy some of my many favorites from this beautiful Richmond wedding!!! And congrats JR and Sarah!!! I hope you’re loving the honeymoon!!!

Ohh I love this!!

A gift from Sarah! 

Sarah you could have gone down the aisle in a robe and looked fabulous!!!

Just stunning! 

A moment with Dad.

HA! Look at that reaction!!!

Love this. They were SO excited!!!

Sarah your smile is just radiant! Love photographing you!!!!

Ok and the Lindon Inn in downtown Richmond?? New favorite getting ready location! LOVED shooting there!!

AWESOME power pose JR!

A favorite!

Someone said this looked like Charleston on Instagram and I have to agree!!!

That shot on the left? Definitely needs to be on a canvas!

Who’s that handsome guy to the right of the groom?! My husband:)


JR is known for doing insane things during these bridal party shots… so it’s only appropriate that he be ridiculous during his own “Scream and Shout” shot!!

Oh this alley!!!!!

Love it.

She kissed him big time!!! Loved his reaction!

Balloon release!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Leaves still on the trees!!  win!

Cake everywhere!!

I dare you to try and count all the KJ couples in these shots!!! There are a ton! haha

Ceremony | Brandermill Country Club
Reception | Brandermill Country Club
Florists | Jane Guerin Flowers
Dress | Blush Bridal
Bridesmaids | Mod Cloth
Groomsmen | Men’s Wearhouse
Videographer | Wedding Mix by Story Mix 
Cupcakes | Cupcake Caps
Catering | Brandermill Country Club 
xoxo, Katelyn
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