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is a busy day! We’re prepping for our “Electrical Walkthrough” in the new house. This is super intimidating and yet exciting! I’m ALSO prepping for my talk for Showit UNITED presentation that I’ll be presenting NEXT TUESDAY in Santa Barbara! I’m thankful this is happening on Tuesday so that I can enjoy the rest of the week without practicing my talk in the shower and annoying my husband! I’m speaking on something that has really been a GAME changer for me and my business over the last 4 years, BRAND LOYALTY. Over the last several years, we’ve experienced what it means to have a “following”… or better titled… a “Community”.

The clients, fans and cheerleaders for Katelyn James Photography continue to surprise and bless me on a daily basis. So what makes people stay? Why have people attached themselves to my brand? Why did I attach myself to Jasmine Star’s brand?

I’ve noticed that my clients and fans are not just “supporters”, they are a form of a community. They share the same love for my business and they’re connected by that. So how did this happen and how can it happen for you? Welp, you’ll have to attend my talk at SHOWIT UNITED!! If you’re not attending, no worries, I can guarantee you that I won’t be able to keep this talk a secret for long. :)

So today I want to know, what brands are you loyal to?? And how do you know that you’re “loyal” to them? What brands make you feel like you’re a part of something BIGGER than just the product they are offering and why do you feel that way? Here’s an even BETTER question, why do you continue to come back to MY blog? What makes this business “follow-able”? (that’s definitely not a word) I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!…. I may even use your response in my presentation!! Thanks in advance for your help!!



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