Bokeh's Growing Toy Collection

  • He's Spoiled Rotten

These toys are from Photographers and sweet friends of ours… some are all the way from AUSTRALIA!! (Thank you Karen!!! gah! You’re the best!!) Don’t buy into those sad puppy dog eyes and the adorable head tilt. You see, Bokeh Boy has this “look” that can make you want to scoop him up and smother him with kisses… especially when it’s time to say goodbye for yet another weekend away….. but don’t be fooled. He is not neglected… actually, he is the opposite.. this dog is SPOILED ROTTEN! Just look at him!! He’s sitting among a throne of NEW TOYS

that we didn’t even buy him!!! People love our puppy and it’s so sweet when we get Bokeh-Goodies in the mail. This past week, he was spoiled to the extreme… (now not all of those are going to by puppy toys… because he sometimes DESTROYS them! I’m keeping that Koala and Kangaroo for myself!:)

I realize that the only purpose of this post is to give you something cute and fluffy to look at and help you make it to the weekend! :) So enjoy!! I hope Bokeh Boy brightens someone’s day… because several people definitely brighten our week with these sweet gifts!!!!!!!! Thank you all…. you know who you are! We appreciate you so much!!

Ps. You should have seen me take this! He kept eyeing them and trying to snatch his new toys! Looking at a camera is the last thing he wanted to do in this moment!! …. But I’ve trained him well! Poor guy, he’s had a camera in his face since day one!!

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