2014 4th of July

  • Bokeh's First Camping Trip

been told that we’re obsessed with our dog… and I would have to agree that those accusations are true. We love him. He bring so much JOY into our lives everyday and he’s really more than anything we ever hoped for in a puppy!! Smart, obedient, non-shedding, adorable and photogenic. :) He is all of those things! His modeling skills can actually come across as being a little creepy because he has a very “human-like” smile when he’s happy! Speaking of being happy, Bokeh boy was THRILLED when brought him with us on our 4th of July camping trip!!

He LOVED it! He had never experienced a James Family camping experience and so we were  a little concerned because Bokeh loves to growl under his breath at anything that he views as inferior. He also huffs under his breath when he sees another dog in the distance or hears a strange sound! This worried us because guess what campgrounds are FULL of?! Dogs & weird sounds. Much to our surprise, he did great!!!  He was on extra awesome behavior for his first camping trip in the camper!! We have been camping since we were little and so it was about time that Bokeh Boy joined us for a trip! I LOVED getting away and relaxing with the family for a day in a half at the river last week before our double header. Camping (motorhome style) is something that Michael and I want to be able to do with our own family one day. We love getting away and having a piece of home with us when we travel!! We went down to the river  for the weekend of the 4th but because Hurricane Arthur had just blown through, the water was ROUGH!!! So the nice camera didn’t make it out on the boat but here are some shots from Bokeh’s first campground experience!! :)


The setup! I think my father has gone through a dozen different RVs in my lifetime! Right now he has a travel tailor that is a toy hauler for their motorcycles. 

Poor lucky… she’s my parent’s springer and she’s older. He has to deal with Bokeh’s energy constantly and she’s so sweet about it! 

This describes their relationship perfectly. haha 

Bokeh did get in a little trouble with one barking spell and he had to sit up on the bunk bed for a while. 

Boat time!!!

He’s one happy pup when he’s with his family! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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