And 3rd Birthday!

  • Bokeh's New Bow Tie

this week we celebrated a birthday in our house! Bokeh boy turned THREE on Tuesday! THREE?! How is our little fluff ball three years old?! It seems like yesterday we were picking him up at 8 weeks old, driving him home and then taking him out to pee every 20 minutes because his bladder was so tiny! (Luckily that changed! ) We loved him from the very beginning but now we adore him. We honestly don’t really remember life without him! He is such a part of our family. People say that dogs get attached to their owners and to say Bokeh is attached to us would be an understatement.

When we’re home and working during the day, he is touching us somehow. He may be on our feet, snuggled on our legs or have his head on our lap. When we get up to use the bathroom, he follows us. When I get in the shower, he lays outside of the shower door. When we eat dinner, he’s right under the table. He LOVES being with his family!!! And we love that he loves us! The past three years with this snuggle bug have been so much fun. He brings so much joy to our life (and so many cute instagrams! :).

Happy birthday little buddy! You look adorable in your little bow tie! (Thanks Robert and Ashley for the sweet gift!!!!!). 

And this is what happens when Bokeh isn’t “feeling” the whole photo shoot thing…. he goes to sleep! 

There we go!!! What a cutie!! 

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