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sweet boy…. He has brought so much joy into our lives. When we first got him, we had so many people telling us how we should house train him and what groomer we should use and how often to feed him. So many different opinions! I feel like getting Bokeh was a great way to experience a small example of what it’s going to be like having a child one day. From what I’ve read and seen from our friend’s with kids, it seems like EVERYONE has an opinion about how you should be parenting! Ah! Well, there are a couple of the following “5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bokeh” that

I’m sure other puppy parents would disagree with… like the fact that he sleeps right between us!  But hey, it works for us! When we first got Bokeh Boy, he was only 2 months old…. sweet as could be! But he had the smallest bladder in the world!! Every half hour I had to take him out to keep him from going on the carpet at our old house! It was draining and overwhelming and I remember saying to Michael before we got him, “As long as he brings more joy to our lives than stress, this will be a good decision!” The first few weeks were definitely stressful but the joy this little pup has brought into not only our lives, but our family’s lives is just amazing. He was well worth the stress and ruined carpet!!! We can’t imagine life without him!! Now we’re two and a half years into being puppy parents and we’re feeling like pros. He listens, he does tricks, he knows our schedule and adapts to our crazy weeks and he is such a part of the family!! We just love this little guy! If you want to see more of him, my instagram is where its’ at!! Follow here! So today I’m sharing 5 things you probably didn’t know about the Bokeh Boy!!! Here we go! :

  1. He’s a Jersey Boy! He was born in New Jersey and that’s where we picked him up!
  2. He doesn’t go out to use the bathroom on a leash or inside a fence (And we live in a pretty crowded neighborhood!) He listens well and has a strong need to always be with people and so he just stays close, does his business and then bolts inside because he knows he gets a treat afterwards!
  3. We’ve had to pump his stomach 2 times…. gross, I know. We were bad puppy parents and left chocolate cake in the trash can and he decided to try a little bit. Because Chocolate can be deadly for tiny dogs and we didn’t know how much he consumed, we had to pump his stomach. Such a sad thing to have to do! The other time was workshop related! He found someone’s cupcake on the mantle and went to town! Yikes!!
  4. He’s nosy. Every time we have a coaching session, I find him with his nose inside of the attendee’s bag snooping around!!  How rude!!!
  5. He’s very trusting. You can hold him HOWEVER you want to. I have instagrams to prove it! You can hold him like a baby, he’ll sleep on your shoulder, he’ll lay on his back with his legs straight up in the air…. if you’re holding him, he’s happy. He’s just very “moldable”. It’s almost like he goes limp when he’s tired and wants to be close to you!!! See below!!

Ps. If you haven’t already heard of BARK BOX before, it’s such a fun way to send a gift to some puppy parent’s you may know! Brian and Promise sent Bokeh several Bark Boxes and he LOVEEEEEEED them!! One of his favorite toys is his cigar! ha! I blame the Brian and Promise for his bad habit:)

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