• Bigger may be Better but Faster is Fantastic!

While bigger may be better…speed is the reason for this new addition to the Inspired Designs family! I will be saying goodbye to old faithful, my old 24″ imac tonight but I am happy to say that it has found a good home!

This new 27″ imac is fully loaded, meaning it has 16 gb of RAM! If you’re a computer geek like me you know that this thing is POWERFUL! No more spinning beach balls of death! I have recently been shooting in RAW and needed a little more umph! Well the Umph! has arrived and it’s amazing!

Thank you Apple for being genius and making the computer switch super easy! We literally did a 3 step process and 400 GB of pictures started transferring!  Amazing.  I’m hoping this new machine will help cut my post processing time in 1/2! That may be a stretch but it’s definitely going to help!  Get excited for Adam and Ruth’s wedding! It’s coming so soon!

Wireless keyboard and mighty mouse!

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