So it made sense that we would reunite the team for John and Kaylee’s beautiful Big Spring Farm wedding!! We had a blast and honestly, I don’t think that John and Kaylee could have asked for a better day. Sure, it was a little hot because it was July in Virginia, but there was a breeze and beautiful glowy light that we caught just in time!! John and Kaylee had a big wedding! With almost 300 guests, it was the largest Big Spring Farm wedding to date!

I loved so much about their day, but there were a few things that stuck out to me! I loved that John and Kaylee served communion to each one of their guests. It was such a special way to connect with each guest and share how their relationship with the Lord is constantly changing and impacting their lives. I was obsessed with their BAND! WOW! They were probably one of the BEST wedding bands I’ve ever experienced… and after close to 300 weddings, that’s saying something! I couldn’t get enough of Kaylee’s sweet relationship with her dad….. I can only pray that Evy will have the same connection to Michael. They both have beautiful families who surrounded them with so much love!

It was such an honor to shoot alongside of Anna, and even though I didn’t shoot my normal parts of the day, it was so good for me to experience Michael’s side of things! I’m not blogging the full wedding because I didn’t shoot the full day, but I did want to share a few of my favorites!! Enjoy some snippets of their day! But if you want to experience the full thing, click HERE to see Annamarie’s post!! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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