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met a couple of years ago. She attended one of my workshops and not only did we have mutual friends, we also had a mutual obsession with TEAL! …. Which in my book, automatically makes us great friends! :) Anna Grace was starting her journey into the photography world while she was in college (sound familiar?!) and I loved getting to know her during The Workshop Experience! As she left after a long day of teaching, we hugged goodbye and she stopped and said “I hope you know you’re shooting my wedding one day.” Well, I’ve heard that before…. sometimes it happens and then sometimes and I never see them again. But when Anna Grace said it,

I knew she meant it. I knew she meant it because I saw a lot of ME in her in that moment. I remember having my heart set on my dream photographer and I was going to make it happen no matter what! Photography was SO important to me on my wedding day and even though I didn’t know what my dream dress looked like or what venue we would use, all I knew was that I wanted Jasmine and JD to be there.  In a very similar way, because Anna Grace is a photographer and designer, I think she had a similar mindset. Photography was #1 for her… maybe that’s why Kevin emailed me BEFORE he even PROPOSED! What an awesome guy!!! ps. See their sweet proposal story here! :)

I had to keep my mouth shut for two weeks. I felt so “in the loop” because I saw AG’s instagrams about Maine and I just kept waiting to see the “HE PROPOSED!” announcement!  It wasn’t long before I received the email full of exclamation marks and I was so excited for Anna Grace. This girl has to be one of the most excited brides ever…  not just because she’s waited over 4 years for this, but because she’s ready to spend the rest of her life with Kevin…. and I can see why. Kevin is awesome. He’s relaxed and loving and has a beautiful smile and dimple… just like AG. :) They’re an awesome pair and I feel so honored to get to be a part of this exciting journey with them!!

They’re engagement session was perfect. Besides dodging a few beach goers, it couldn’t have been any better. And lets be honest, it was an evening in August, at the beach. We had to expect there would be some people roaming around. :) They didn’t stop us from capturing some gorgeous portraits of these two. They seriously compliment each other so well and I can’t WAIT for the wedding day!! WOOHOO! And I don’t have to wait too long before they are planning a wedding in 4 months and will be married a week into November! AH! So these Save the Dates needs to get out soon! (Hence the reason I’m posting so fast! :) Enjoy my favorites and Kevin and AG, we love you guys and we are SO excited for November… you have no idea!!! xoxo

I planned the bird flying in and everything:)


One of my favorites and it’s one of the first that we shot! 

Her EYES are even teal! I’m jealous!

Another favorite!! We couldn’t have asked for a better day! 

The sun set really fast because of the overcast skies… but if we didn’t have the overcast skies, we wouldn’t have been able to shoot any portraits this direction with the ocean behind them… so I’ll take overcast any day!! :)


Those clouds! They look painted!

Another favorite… I’d say they’re naturals:)

This needs to be SOMEWHERE in their future house…. I don’t care where…. just somewhere! You guys killed this one! 

Beautiful ring:)

Annnnd I look like a hot mess but we MATCHED. We looked like we should be taking the pictures together! haha! 

Just in time for some glow! This marsh never looked so good!

Love it! 

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