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  • A Year of Joy!

I feel like I’ve been rather vulnerable this week. I’ve shared some fears and frustrations in my post yesterday and today I’m going to do that same. As a photographer… I have the same fear EVERY YEAR. I have a very real fear that I won’t create work that compares or surpasses my work in years past. Not only do I have a fear that I won’t be able to create new work that I’m in love with, I also worry that others will NOTICE! What is my deal?! I think (like many others) I have a subconscious fear of letting people down and not living up to my reputation. However, this is the post that proves that my fears are stupid… every year.

Every year I create this post and I select like 300 favorites from the year. 300!! Then I have to spend an hour deleting the images I don’t really need to show. After all of this work, I realized, once again… that I’ve still got it!! I loved 2015 so much and I can honestly say that we created some of our best work to date and I can’t wait to show you this collection of favorites!!! And I can’t possibly finish this post without saying two big THANK YOU’s! :

1. To the 2015 KJ Brides!! : You guys are seriously some of the most amazing women I know! Being a part of your lives this past year has been an absolute dream! THANK YOU for allowing Michael and I to capture this special season of your life and be a part of your journey!! We love and cherish every single one of you!!!!

2. To Michael… the man that keeps me sane even when I’m driving him crazy. Some of these incredible shots only happened because Michael was there. Whether it was finding me golf carts or helping me stand on the car or hold veils… you are always there right when I need you!! I’m so thankful for you and LOOK at what we have accomplished this year!!!! ah!!!

Enjoy everyone!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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