• Bergmann Family Reunion

Tucked away in the BEAUTIFUL countryside of Edgewater, Maryland, is a little piece of paradise.  Down a long, dusty driveway that leads one to believe they are driving into the middle of nowhere, is Bergmannville.  I thought the name was just a joke but it’s real! It’s the coolest little place with an amazing history.  There are numerous cottages nestled along the shoreline and they all share the same outstanding view of the water! Each cottage belongs to a different part of the Bergmann family tree! Isn’t that a neat idea. The property has gradually been handed down generation after generation and every ten years, EVERYONE comes together to celebrate! When I say EVERYBODY, I’m talking about 375+ people! Yea! WOW! It was insane. Just wait until you see the group picture…and I thought it was hard to organize unruly bridal parties! ha!  Needless to say, we spent all day just taking family group pictures but I managed to sneak some fun extras in too! Enjoy and be sure to check Jessie’s blog for some others!

The Bergmann’s Laundry truck! I LOVED it!

My favorite! The composition is so fun! Plus, if that two piece wasn’t for a 2 year old, I’d steal it!

This one is neat too because of all the different generations!

Oh yea! Did I mention this is my good friend Tiffany’s family?! So fun being with her and her little sis! I love them.  They remind me so much of Emy and I, its scary!

Yea. Imagine me standing on a ladder, waving my arms, yelling: “OK! Yell Happy 4th of July on three! 1-2-3!!!”… it’s quite ok, you can laugh because it was absolutely ridiculous!

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