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are some couples that I meet and instantly click with. Dan and Katelyn would definitely fall into that category. We met at beautiful Belle Haven plantation outside of Charlottesville and we were greeted by the property owner’s labradoodle! I’ve shot at this location before and so I was ready for the furry greeting. We chatted for a few minutes and then we started shooting. Dan and Katelyn just get it. They wanted pictures that showed THEM and their love and that’s my specialty!!

These two have been together since their high school days. Amazing right?! I’ve said it before but I have a soft place in my heart for high school sweethearts. There is just something so awesome about knowing your fiance for SO long. Dan and Katelyn have been together since 10th grade and this fall, they’ll become husband and wife!! So not only do I love their story and their personalities, I also love their puppy Zoey!! Every since we became puppy parents 2 and a 1/2 years ago, I have had a new appreciation for tiny dogs!! Zoey was so well behaved and I loved being able to capture the WHOLE family!! So enjoy this beautiful engagement shoot! The blossoms are my FAVORITE!! Spring is finally here and that means it’s WEDDING SEASON!! I can’t WAIT to show you their wedding day this fall! Their wedding is taking place at Pippin Hill and I get to work with the amazing Cody from Amore Events again! woohoo!!

You can view more about BELLE HAVEN ON THE JAMES HERE! 

I just love this barn!

Ohh the blossoms!!!

You two…. just beautiful!!!

Katelyn’s ring is amazing!!!


We’re now entering my FAVORITE part of the shoot!!!

It’s like Katelyn planned to match the tree!


So lovely!!

Looking good you two!!


Wow, just WOW!! And you said you couldn’t do a “model” face! Seriously?! So beautiful Katelyn!

I’m telling you, I’m a dog whisperer:)

What a cutie!!!

Love the variety in this shoot!! And it gets even better….

ah! The lights! 

A favorite!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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