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I’m in Charleston. If you follow me on Instagram you may know that. :) It’s not a conference…. it’s not business trip…. it’s not a networking event… it’s vacation. No speaking, no responsibilities and no leadership position. It’s awesome!! A few months ago, Michael and I were heading out for a non-work related trip and my good friend Julie told me “Have fun just being KATELYN ALSOP!”. That was just a simple comment but it made such an impact. This week is a “Katelyn Alsop” week.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should know that JAMES is my middle/maiden name and my real last name is ALSOP! So many people don’t know that….. Michael gets called “Mr. James” on the regular!!! The truth is, a large majority of my life is spent being “Katelyn James” and I don’t get a lot of time to be “Katelyn Alsop”.

Katelyn James is a wedding photographer, blogger, speaker, educator and Katelyn Alsop is married to Michael Alsop, she’s a puppy-momma to Bokeh boy and loves time with girl friends. She enjoys decorating, taking pictures of architecture and traveling. This week is a week where Katelyn James is staying at home and Katelyn Alsop gets to enjoy being on vacation! I usually see friends at conferences and I ALWAYS have obligations when I’m with them. There is always something hanging over my head and there is always something that I need to be prepping for. This is why I am so thankful for this time away. I have nothing to do. I don’t have to put on a show or do a presentation and nothing is expected of me. My only job is to be KATELYN ALSOP while we’re in Charleston and I’m loving it!!!!!!

For those of you that haven’t had much time to just be YOU… make time for it. It’s refreshing, inspiring and rejuvenating!!!!

Ps. Where are some of the most-see places in Charleston?! I think this is my 4th or 5th trip here but I’m CONSTANTLY hearing of new places to try! Let me know what you recommend!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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