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that time of the year again!! Time to show off our Behind the Scenes Bloopers! I personally LOVE seeing everyone’s posts from the backend of their business. The moments we accidentally capture while trying to produce gorgeous, romantic images are quite hilarious!! So while half of the country is shivering in sub zero temperatures, I hope this post provides some comic relief!! We are still in Seattle and are about to host our first ever COACHING HUDDLE and we’re so excited! Enjoy these “Behind the Scenes” from 2013 and try not to judge us. We look a little rough in some of these images!

No big deal, just hanging out with Shaina Koren and Mike during Mike and Jess’s Wedding!! There were 3 “Mike’s” there that day between all of us! 

Just fixing a little fly-away and Tyler is VERY concerned.


That time I was attacked by cacti during Brendan and Jenna’s eshoot!

Josh Gooden doing his thing! And Natalie’s amazing laugh:)

I tend to wander…

Thank you to the 3 of you who were paying attention! haha j/k, Loved this bridal party!!

That time the tourists decided they would help me do my job….

I’m such a nerd.

“I’m gonna GETCHA!”

“What guys?! It was joke!”

“Wanna dance?!??”

Ummm… that’s not good. Come back!!!

Ha! I’m hilarious!! Right guys?!? Morgan? Lauren? No? Ok. 

That time I found out my sister was engaged during a wedding reception… what a sap.

Michael has so many hidden talents…. and I have no idea what Stephen is up to. 

“Hey guys! Wait up! I just dropped my whole bag of lenses on Broad Street!!” … No really, that happened about two seconds after this picture was taken. Scared me to death! 

Totally ruined Michael’s shot…

“Hold your Fire!!!”

honestly… I just posted this one because I think it makes me look skinny. #suchagirl.

I’ve been caught!!!

Water break!

Living dangerously.

Surprise! Flash in the face!

Um, Guys…. right here… I’m right here!!! Three bridesmaids and one groomsmen were excited. 

Thank you Mary Margaret for thinking I’m hilarious.

Again, thank you.

Ok, the secret is out…..

He’s the veil whisperer.

He’s also the boutonnière buff.

That time I walked backwards over my bag and fell flat on my butt…. and my HUSBAND TOOK A PICTURE OF IT!!! ah! At the time… this wasn’t very funny.

That time I wore rust colored tights and looked like I had a disease.

“I hear ya… but I’m running away!” …. No idea what I was doing here….

You still don’t think I’m funny?! Really?!!

Sometimes Bokeh Boy comes on Local eshoots:) 

Right: “Ewww gosh Katelyn that smell!!”

Ha! Favorite random test shot on the left! so funny! 

Michael what did you say?! You embarrassed the videographer! 

Josh again! 

Oh Natalie I just love you! 

In Narnia! 

Sometimes when Michael is bad I make him work in the back behind the air conditioner… just kidding… but seriously.

YEA! No? Still nothing? Ok I give up. :) 

This is my “It’s FREEZING in NYC in JANUARY!!” face.

Annnnd this is the technical world we live in! I was really outnumbered! :)

Test shots. 

Love these two!

“You guys look like you need a hug”

Veil adjustment…

So not flattering… why am I posting this!? 

Most epic test shot of the year.

My “Evil” eye… yikes.

My cousin’s wedding! Remember the story of my dress here?? Oh, it’s entertaining! 

AHHH!! So. many. tourists. 

Grrr… he looks angry.

There he is:)

Couldn’t have done this year without you Michael. I love you :) You’re the best veil tosser, dress fluffer, bout’ fixer, water grabber, time keeper, travel manager, file uploader, second shooter a girl could ask for. Thank you. 

xoxo, Katelyn
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