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thing that I love about this job is that we get to travel. Sure, it’s a lot to manage sometimes but the cool thing about the traveling part is that now Michael gets to go everywhere with me! We see SO many cities and we love it! This past weekend was quite a whirlwind. We shot a local wedding Saturday, drove to Baltimore sunday to shoot this engagement session and then we drove to Annapolis for a special coaching session and THEN drove to Bethany Beach for another engagement session! We’re crazy!! But we actually got a lot accomplished in one trip up north and that was the plan!

So as soon as we met these two, I knew that Ryan was going to be entertaining… and I was right. There wasn’t one dull moment of their engagement session! Not only did Ryan have us laughing, those that passed by during their shoot were also entertained. :) These two are a fun pair to work with. Between Laura’s sweet personality and Ryan’s humor, there wasn’t any chance that their shoot wouldn’t be a blast!

As we walked around downtown Baltimore this past Sunday and shot these images, we got to know Laura and Ryan a little bit AND we learned more about their city.  Now I don’t mean this to be negative at all, but I have NEVER thought of Baltimore as being a desirable city to live in…. and that’s only because I had never been inside the city! My only Baltimore experience until this year was passing through on the interstate and from the road, it doesn’t look pretty and quaint.  However, my opinion about that has changed after seeing the cute side of Baltimore and hearing about Ryan and Laura’s new house and how much they love it there!

We talked about everything from house  building to wedding plans and we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the city with this sweet couple! We can’t wait to celebrate with them next year on their wedding day!!! Enjoy some of my favorites! Ryan and Laura, thank you for 1. Trusting me,  2. standing in weeds in a parking lot and 3. posing so well in front of tourists, runners and everyone else in downtown that Sunday night! You rocked it!

These were the VERY first ones we shot… and I knew it was going to be a good day:)

Love this old door! 

Laura this is perfect! 

And then we found the teal doors that I had shot with before… and I just had to use them again! …. Because they’re teal! 

Love that shot on the left. 

Beautiful ring!!!

This looks so sweet and romantic… but we shot this in like 5 seconds before the oncoming traffic became an issue:)

One GOOD looking couple! Love these! 

Whoever owns this boat, we thank you! 

Love their colors! 

Nice Ryan!

This was shot in a parking lot… I’m not kidding. :)

Love this. It’s hard to smile and pose and walk all at the same time and still look natural… and these two have got it down! 

And the sun came out again right as we ended our time together. Perfect way to end the day. I hope you enjoyed these! 

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