August 2012

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worst excuse for a self portrait EVER. The truth is, taking a self portrait every month isn’t as easy as I had hoped it would be. Gail Werner makes it look like a BREEZE! So no selfy this month, just some more of Bokeh Boy.  He tends to take over most any photo shoot these days. He doesn’t like not being the center of attention… especially when there is a ball in the room! He’s about 9 months now and so we’re hoping he’s full grown! But man oh man does he have some energy! We are thinking we need to revisit puppy class again in the near future!! He just hasn’t latched on to his commands like he should!

That actually leads me to my first personal goal for August:

– Practice Bokeh’s commands on a daily basis. Lets try to master the “COME” command in August. “SIT” and “STAY” are the only two that seem to stick right now but at least we’re making some progress!

– Eat out LESS… especially for lunches. We tend to think LUNCH is cheaper but they add up quickly (Chipotle is our weakness).

– Eat in MORE! This isn’t an option. It’s really horrible how much we spend on eating out and it isn’t even healthy!!

– Continue to workout… guys I’m doing it! I’d love to keep this up and see if I can last 42 days and make it an official HABIT! :)

– Continue to track calories on My Fitness Pal

– Order that honeymoon album I designed like a year ago!



Some things to look forward to:

– No double headers this month! WHEW! Those kill my feet!

– New shoes! I ordered some Gentle Souls flats and I’m hoping they are miraculous! They’ll be in soon!

– Our Cuptick group (Ministy couples group) meets this month so I have a weekend that is wedding-free!

– I have 3 weddings in August and so it’s a little bit of a break! A calm before the storm if you will (The storm being october! Man that’s going to be insane!)

– More walks with Bokeh. Michael and I love taking him out in the evenings.

– More olympic watching!!! I LOVE it!!!


Some Business goals:

– Since I’m outsourcing, I have some time to actually write the text for my bridal guide. It’s coming along… it’s just such a huge project guys. It really is moving along, slowly but surely!

– Video blog and don’t sound like a weirdo when I talk. I hate rewatching video posts. I sound so weird but I know I should do some more so that’s a good goal for August!

– Start Workshop Planning… crazy right? November will be here before we know it!! ah!

– Shoot my 3 weddings WELL and send some submissions out from early this summer!



Oh and since these posts can be somewhat boring in my opinion, here are some of Bokeh’s modeling shots….

oh my goodness! We love him so much!

** Bokeh is a Bich-Poo **
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    Your bichpoo! Is so cute! Did you get him from a breeder?

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