August 2011

  • The Goals


and I can’t believe it. It’s already August 5th and I can tell that this month is going to fly by just like the last few months have! Summer is busy… it’s REALLY busy around this house! We’re just trying to enjoy our little downtime that we have and make it to the fall! It will still be busy in the fall but at least it will be cooler!! Whew! It’s been SO hott and sticky here in VA! I should have made one of my August goals to “Save the little tree in the front yard”. We have this one little tree… it’s a cute tree… but it’s shriveling up and I’m afraid it’s on its’ last leg! …. or branch… whatever.

You know what I mean, it’s about to DIE because we haven’t had sufficient rain! However, I really don’t want to put it on my “Goals” list because if it does die… I’m going to feel so unproductive!! ha! Ok anyway….  So here were the goals from JULY. I seriously can’t believe I’m already typing this out. Time is flying so fast and I DON’T KNOW HOW!! How is it AUGUST!!?? …




  • Catch up on albums! (almost completely caught up! Sydni you’re next girl!!:)
  • Shoot my July weddings well!! ( I hope I did this!)
  • Love my clients well!! (I think they loved me better than I loved them! They’re seriously awesome!)
  • Stay on top of editing!!
  • Stay on top of emails!!
  • Pre-blog when I leave for a week!!


  • Of course working out is going to stay on the list….fingers crossed – THIS MAY NEVER HAPPEN!!! ugh. So frustrated!
  • Don’t let my laundry pile to get to be the size of Mount Everest (The laundry is going now!:)
  • Watch “So You Think You Can Dance” with my awesome husband every week!
  • Start my day with a good QT and try not to be selfish with my time…. people matter more than photos (The QT part is still a struggle)
  • Post Emy’s b-day pics on Facebook

  • Work on my little project and DON’T RUSH it…. (I’m being sneaky, I know)
  • Work on my other project and get it DONE so I can start sending it out
  • Pick a workshop date and location
  • Create a MINT account for the business


  • Meet with a financial planner
  • Find a dentist, make appointment
  • Eat out less
  • Drink more water
  • Hangout with Steph and Emily! I miss them!
  • Make dinner for my husband at least once (don’t gasp… we’re not cooks, you know that by now:)

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