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It has been a busy BUSY month when I’m blogging Coaching a MONTH late! WHAT?! That never happens!! These 4 women all spent time with us in August and we absolutely LOVED having them!! I feel like they were just walking into our home and starting their coaching session but in reality, it was a month ago! So needless to say, I need to share some of their head shots! Tamara, Tara, Sam and Ashley are all doing amazing things in their businesses and I feel so honored that I was able to help them grow and find steps to move forward!

They are rebranding, launching professional websites and focusing on the experience that they’re giving their clients! It’s awesome to see the light bulbs go off while we’re sitting and chatting together in the office! I’m so excited for all that they are going to accomplish this year!!! Enjoy a few of their portraits!


Tamara you’re gorgeous!!

LOVE these of Tara!!!!! 

Ashley you’re stunning and SO photogenic!

Sam you have the BEST smile! 

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