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want this to be a depressing post. I really don’t… that’s just not my style! But I think I need to be honest about this…. I get a lot of emails and questions that go a little something like this “I’ve been in business for a year officially and I’m just wondering how you grew so fast.” Some are a little more in depth but often, I receive emails that are just short and sweet and straight to the point. “I want to grow and I want it to happen FAST”. I don’t blame them… who really wants a SLOW growing business?! No one…. at least no one that I know! We all want to move quickly because that’s the world we live in.

Fast, instant, impatient.  No don’t get me wrong, I think every business owner should be driven and have a desire to push forward…. But I think we all need to be reminded that success is not an overnight accomplishment for most businesses… and I’m thankful for that. The road that brought me to this place in my business wasn’t instant and the journey to this season is what MADE me. I have learned SO much over the last six years… and I’m worked SO hard.  I can think back to the days in college when I would have a constant battle in my head “Do I go hangout or edit this wedding? Do I study or return business emails? Can I afford to go layout on the great lawn with my roomies or does the business need attention? Do you know how hard that was to balance? I sacrificed a lot of “fun” in college to make this dream happen down the road. There were countless times that I wished that this business was instantly established and successful. What I wanted was an “easy” button. Ya know, like the Staple’s commercial? One button… and BAM! It would all be there!!! Income, a name for myself, ability to shoot in focus and find great light, brides that loved me, a blog following… you name it, and I wanted it instantly.  Talk about impatient. I was the poster child for “impatience”.

So that brings me to today… 6 years later. I have those things…. and I’m so very grateful. But I’m not only grateful for the success… I’m grateful for the journey. If there wasn’t a journey, the destination wouldn’t be nearly as sweet. And ya know what? The journey isn’t over. I’m still learning and growing and pushing forward. I’m still coming  up with better systems, better posing techniques and more effective workflow ideas.  I’m still learning about business and marketing. And lastly, I’m constantly learning about what true success really looks like. True success, in my opinion, is when you’re simultaneously living out God’s purpose for your life, doing something your passionate about, living a life of balance, making enough money to pay bills and save a little for the future and serving people well in the process. All of these things are not things you can receive instantly. They take hard work and dedication…. and the harder you work, the more beautiful and fulfilling the “success” of your business will be. So basically, what I’m saying is that even though it seems like it would be nice to have an “Easy” button, there is nothing that can replace the hard work of starting and growing a business.

If you’re in the beginning stages of building a business and you’re overwhelmed because it just “isn’t happening” yet…. hold on. It wasn’t instant for me either. There is hope attached to all of your hard work. Keep truckin’ and fighting for your dream!! And be encouraged that you’re not alone!!! There are so many others that are enduring and enjoying the long journey to success as well. Sometimes some of the greatest, most rewarding journey’s are the longer ones. Take Michael’s cousin’s Eric for example. In 2008, the same year that I started my business, Eric was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals.  Being drafted is awesome, but if you’re like me and don’t know a ton about baseball, there is still along road to travel from being drafted to playing in the major leagues.  For six years he played minor league ball, bouncing from one farm team to the next. It was a waiting game. After years of waiting and wondering if his day would come, he got the call last wednesday that he was being called up!! So awesome!! Michael’s mom and her sisters have been texting, sharing pics and facebook statuses like crazy this past week because they’re so proud! He pitched on Monday night and did a great job…. and it’s crazy to think that this is what he has been waiting for for 6 years… really even longer than that. I guarantee that if you asked him if the journey was worth the wait, he would tell you yes. :) So keep chugging along friends!!! Your destination awaits!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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