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emailed me hoping that by chance we would be available one of the several evenings that they would be vacationing on Assateague Island. Our summer is just crazy this year and so I winced when I saw that it was in July. I knew that our July was a little insane with our trip to Australia and several double headers. However, after looking at the calendar, we realized this just may be possible! We were heading up north on Friday to a wedding in New Jersey and so we decided to leave one day earlier and “swing” by the eastern shore! It was perfect timing!! Now if you’re familiar with the layout of Virginia and Maryland,

you know that getting to the northern part of the Eastern Shore isn’t as easy as just “swinging over”. Our trip to Assateague island was quite a little hike! However, it was well worth it. You just wait and see the images! We met Taylor and Amanda at the campground where their family has come and vacationed for over 30 years!! This is where Taylor proposed and where they have so many sweet memories together. It was only fitting that this would be the place where they would have their engagement portraits taken! The rain held off and the beach was clear. It was perfect…. and then the wild horses decided to join in and it was AH-MAZING! You can’t plan this stuff people! Wild horses don’t just show up on command! We really lucked out with those shots! I can’t wait to share this beautiful engagement session of these two high school sweethearts!! Enjoy!! We can’t wait for their wedding day!! Lets start with a favorite of mine!! …

Loved this one!!

How awesome is this!? It’s so fun to see these beautiful creatures just roaming about as they wish! 


I may just have to print a copy of this for myself! :)

Loving this dress of Amanda’s!! 

Oh you two… you make this look so easy!!

Incredible model faces! 

Love this! 

They have been together for 8 years!!! Since high school! :) So sweet!

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