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are some places in Virginia that I have yet to shoot in. There are a handful of vineyards, a few larger DC venues and several plantations on my “future shooting” list. The Manassas Battlefield was one of those locations!! I LOVE shooting at new locations. There’s something exciting and fresh about changing it up and creating new portraits from scratch! I absolutely loved meeting Dan and Kathleen on this beautiful property last week. Kathleen and I have emailed for what seems like forever and I was so excited to finally give her a hug and chat in person! She’s a sweetheart!

We walked around the fields and dodged the mud puddles left over from the snow. The weather was just beautiful and the winter sky was light blue which made for a perfect backdrop! These two are doing the “long distance” thing right now and so that’s why we waited until December to shoot their session. I’m so thankful that it felt like a fall day instead of being 30 degrees and miserable! I remember when Michael and I were long distance. It was hard but it made our wedding day that much more exciting because we knew that we would be together… permanently!

Kathleen not only picked the perfect locations, she also picked out some awesome outfits! They were well coordinated, classy and matched their venues perfectly! I’ve been so excited to share these images all week! I hope everyone loves them as much as I do! :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! xoxo


When this is one of the first shots taken at a shoot… you know it’s going to be one amazing day! 

Looking good Dan!! 

WOW. One of my favorites! Kathleen you’re stunning! 

Doesn’t this remind you a Ralph Lauren ad?! 

Loved these! 


This old building has such pretty tones to it! 

Love her dress! 


Oh. my. goodness.

xoxo, Katelyn
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