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Thank you! Thank you  so so much! Yes, I’m thanking YOU…. the blog reader. Whoever is reading this, you have been such an integral part of this business. I couldn’t do this without you. Just recently I met with my CPA and we were going over expenses and mileage and all of that stuff that I HATE dealing with…. and after we got to the end of the spreadsheet she said…”Oh, you know what I didn’t see… I didn’t see your expenses for Advertising”.  I responded proudly and said “I don’t pay for advertising!”. Just like that! I probably would have shouted it if it wasn’t my first time meeting her.

You see, because of people like you… my business has grown 100% organically. I shoot weddings, I make new friends, I create great product and then people talk about me (hopefully positively!). Once the wedding is done and has been blogged, people like YOU share it and get excited about my work and YOU grow my business. I can’t take the credit for this at all. Every time I view my blog stats I am so overwhelmed and thankful.  There are some of you out there that have single handedly changed my business for the better. I’m talking about those blog readers that sit in class and show my recent wedding to everyone that is sitting around them… and my sweet brides that check the blog everyday because it makes them THAT much more excited about THEIR big day, and those you have followed my blog and my work for 2 and a half years and have believed in me from the very beginning. I can’t express how thankful I am for you. To anyone who has shared, re-posted, commented, “liked” and promoted my blog in ANY way… THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams. Thank you for believing in my work and my business….. YOU are the reason I can do this full time and I’m so SO grateful.


Above is a graph that shows how the blog has grown since I started it way back in Dec of 2008 (obviously March has just started so it’s a little behind:). Recently I have been astounded at the amount of monthly blog hits and  so I just had to write a little post to say THANK YOU…. to every single one of you. Thank you for believing in me, my business and my work!  Lord willing, I will continue to design, create and blog for many years to come!! I couldn’t be more excited about the future and all that the Lord has in store for this crazy business! Thanks again to all of you wonderful, wonderful blog readers! I love you all!!! Happy Monday!


ps.  Whenever I need a good humbling….I just take a look at this first blog that I thought was WONDERFUL at the time. Thank goodness things have changed…..especially the haircut. OMG.

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