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mentioned this before in other posts, but the key to GROWING is letting go. Outsourcing things that we don’t HAVE to do it saving us time and is actually MAKING us more money because we’re not stuck behind the computer doing countless hours of work that someone else would love to do. Instead, we’re out doing what we love and what yields the profit! If you’re a photographer, I want to ask you this… How many of you out there have had “Make album changes to “So & So’s Album” on your to-do list for weeks… maybe even months?!

How many of you have shot weddings two months ago and haven’t even started to think about designing the album?! How many of you feel like you would be CAUGHT UP in your business if it wasn’t for the whole ALBUM aspect of your workflow? If you can relate to any of these questions, it’s time to outsource. Seriously. Be honest and ask yourself “Are my clients really getting the BEST experience with me handling the album design?”.  I had to ask myself this two years ago and I’m so glad I had Melissa Jill in front of me at a coffee shop to help me realize that I needed a change… desperately. I’m known for creating “systems”… and yet none of my “systems” were cutting it because I needed more TIME! So that’s when ALIGN came to the rescue!!!

Let me just give you a quick synopsis of my workflow. I shoot, I cull, I upload to my sweet editor, I blog my favorites, I upload my favorites to the client’s PASS gallery, I then order the client’s album design through Align and a few days later, I have their gallery edited and their album design ready for review. Crazy right?! Well, I don’t have any other option. If I don’t get my weddings turned around quickly, then I’m swamped within one week… especially during our double header season. :) So! My advice for all of you out there that are struggling to keep up, hand over your album design process. You can thank me later!! ALIGN has literally transformed our Album Workflow! I couldn’t do life without them! So, since I really want you to give them a try, I’m offering a GIVEAWAY for ONE FREE ALBUM DESIGN up to $150!!!!! WOOHOO! Now, if you don’t win, it’s ok, the first design is 50% anyway! So you have no excuse not to give it a shot!! ENTER BELOW! Also, take a look at some spreads from one of my NEW FAVORITE designs from ALIGN!

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