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If you knew AJ, you would understand why I got so excited when he asked me if I would take engagements for him and his new wife-to-be! I met AJ my freshman year of college because he played on our worship team for Intervarsity. He’s one of those people that can make practically ANYTHING fun! I knew there wouldn’t be a dull moment or hint of awkwardness during their session!  I had never met Michele but I knew she had to be incredible and she was! I LOVED watching the two of them interact. AJ would say something funny that was  followed with a semi-feminine gesture and Michele would just roll her eyes and laugh.  I know she’s probably laughed at his jokes a million times but somehow never gets tired of them. They truly are a dynamite couple that share an amazing friendship. I wish them the best with their new life together! Happy planning and thanks for letting me be a part of the process!!

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