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FOREVER since I posted a “Good Things” post! Really… I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to really sit down and blog about all the little things in life that make it…well… “good”!  I obviously can’t list every little aspect of my life that makes me smile because that blog post would be extremely long and somewhat boring to read. So I’ll just start today with a recent “good thing” that I think just about every girl LOVES…. AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES!! The BEST sales are on the Christmas decor and for a girl who has a new little house to decorate now… these sales are AMAZING! …. (especially at Pier 1! Love that place! I would live there if Michael would let me)

The most recent holiday sale discovery was at Restoration Hardware!  I’ve always been a Pottery Barn girl… I would get the magazines and just dream of the day when I could have HUGE vases and rustic mirrors all over the house! I had never heard of Restoration Hardware until about two years ago and let me just say….it’s a good thing we don’t have it at Shortpump mall… that would be disastrous for our checking account!


So Restoration hardware had these beautiful, classy ornaments 50% off and I couldn’t help but share them! They are definitely worthy to be featured as the first 2011 “Good Things” post and I can’t wait to add them to the Alsop Christmas Tree next year! (don’t know why I capitalized “Alsop Christmas Tree”… as if it was famous or something… weird) So enjoy finding whatever is left of the after Christmas sales and if you see any peacock-y ornaments 50%… tell me! (don’t tell Michael….he’s had just about enough PEACOCK in his life for one year!:)

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