The 2011 Wedding Recap

  • A Year of Bling!

posts! They are so much fun and did I mention EASY?! I’ve already blogged these images once, I just have to gather them up again and wa-la! It’s a fun post recapping an amazing year of BLING!  Whew! Countless diamonds have passed through my hands and I’m happy to say that I’ve never dropped one in a drain or in a river… I’m VERY careful! (All the newly engaged gals out there are gasping at the thought of that!:) I love ring shots and the reason I’m doing a “Recap” post on BLING is because I made it a goal last year to get better at my ring shots. I only took a few ring shots in 2010 that I really LOVED and so I wanted to improve.

Well the only way to improve is to shoot MORE. So I started shooting the engagement ring during every engagement session. Some photographers would say this is a waste of time because they are going to get shots of their rings on the wedding day. Well, I disagree. This was my time to improve my ring shot skills! When my couples are changing into outfit #2… I take the ring and I start shooting! What else am I going to do when they’re changing?! I might as get acquainted with my 100mm macro IS! (Which I highly recommend!) I’m happy to say that the phrase “practice makes perfect” really is a legit saying. The more you do something, the more you will understand it and master it. Now I haven’t mastered ring shots… NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. However, I have improved since 2010 and here are some favorites from 2011! Enjoy and happy Tuesday!

Taken on an old sign in Williamsburg:)

I have a thing for cupcakes:)

One of my FAVS!

Cotton Candy!! 

Taken on a pumpkin!

Taken on a fire hydrant…people passing me on the street were staring!

Taken on a leather chair…

Taken on Bev’s vows:)

Who knew dead leaves were so photogenic!?

Another favorite! This one took forever!

You know how I feel about this one….:)

Adrienne has such a beautiful diamond!

Again with the cupcakes…

This is the stripe of a parking lot on UNC’s campus.

This is on a trashcan.

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