Scott + Jessica

A Riverside on the Potomac Estate Wedding | Leesburg, VA

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A wintery boston wedding

w/ inside, dark ceremony


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After years in this industry, I can honestly say that Scott and Jessica’s wedding day was unlike anything I have ever experienced before! We did their first look in the backyard of the estate and we didn’t let the dark blue clouds worry us too much. However, after looking at the forecast, I did try to speed things up a bit just in case the heavens let loose!! Well, fast forward about 30 mins and it was a downpour like I have never seen before! We were standing in the barn and the rain against the metal roof sounded like a train was roaring past!

This downpour was unlike anything we had ever seen because just when it seemed to be letting up, the roar would start up all over again! The owner of the venue had never seen anything like it either! All of Scott and Jessica’s guests had an extended cocktail hour and then we proceeded with the ceremony in the Plan B location. Some brides would have let this steal their joy but not Jess. Some guests would have whined but not theirs. Instead, as I walked around and took pictures of the guests before the ceremony, I couldn’t help but notice how their spirits were high and their excitement hadn’t waned. It’s almost like the storm made everyone feel like they were in this together!

The guests clapped and cheered when the bride was brought up to the barn and they chanted when the groomsmen made their way from the house. Instead of formal rows of chairs, their friends and family stood around them and it was awesome. I’m a big believer in having a wedding that is intimate and meaningful over having a wedding ceremony that is perfectly beautiful but is lacking emotion! Scott and Jess had both. The rain forced them to have a more intimate ceremony and because everyone was huddled in close, the excitement was stronger and more present than most weddings we have the honor of photographing!

There may have been buckets and buckets of rain on Scott and Jess’s wedding day but it didn’t steal their joy. They had one heck of a celebration and it was beautiful! Their friends and family partied the night away in Riverside on the Potomac’s epic barn while the rain continued to come down. The drizzle stopped just in time for their sparkler exit and it was the perfect way to end the night!!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Scott and Jess’s wedding day and I just have to say one last HUGE thank you to the newlyweds for sharing a first look! That decision literally SAVED the day! They have so many beautiful portraits from before the storm and I’m so grateful!!!

riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2447 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2448riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2450 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2449 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2451 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2452 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2453 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2454 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2455 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2456 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2457 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2458 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2459 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2460 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2461 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2462 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2463 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2464 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2465 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2466 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2468 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2469 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2470 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2471 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2472 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2473 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2474 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2475 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2476 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2477 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2478 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2479 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2480 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2481 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2482 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2483 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2484 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2485 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2486 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2487 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2488 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2489 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2490 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2491 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2492 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2493 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2502 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2503 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2504 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2507 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2508 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2509 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2510 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2511 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2512 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2513 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2514 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2515 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2516 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2517 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2518riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2494 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2495 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2497riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2496 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2498riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2499 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2500 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2501 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2519 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2520 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2521 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2522 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2523 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2524 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2525 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2526 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2527 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2528 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2529 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2530 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2531 riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-photo_2532

A Summer Riverside on the Potomac Estate Wedding | Leesburg, VA by Katelyn James Photography

Dress Designer | Essence of Australia

Dress Store | Ava Laurenne

Florist | Rick’s Flowers

Venue | Riverside on the Potomac 

Coordinator | Jessica Maskell Events

Hair + Makeup | Jennifer Saunders 

DJ | DJ Maskell

Videographer | Mari Harsan Studios

Cake | Fro-Zen-Yo Catering

Catering | Smokin Willy BBQ

Bridesmaid Dresses | Alfred Angelo

Groomsmen Attire | Generation Tux

Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas

View Scott + Jessica’s Engagement Session HERE! 

Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

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