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moving right along with the new house! The walls are drywalled and spackled, the shake siding is on and all of the windows are in! It’s just insane to watch this take form. We came back from our CA trip two weeks ago and it was like it was a totally different house! We’ve had several bumps along the road but they have been corrected and we’re getting so excited to see all of our interior selections start to come in! We picked a dark wood floor for the downstairs. It isn’t a traditional hard wood, it’s hand scraped with random width and we love it! The trim and the molding will be white and the downstairs is pretty wide open. So naturally, I have a painting dilemma.

When all of the rooms flow into one another, you have to have a very consistent color scheme.  Besides a few accent walls, I really need to stick to one neutral color for the walls I want to keep things consistent! So I’ve chosen GRAY! The foyer, family room, morning room, kitchen, stairwell and loft will all be the same shade of gray but oh man is it hard to find what I want! I really don’t even know what I want! Do I want it to have a yellow base or a blue base? GAH! So many options!! So I’m taking this dilemma to you blog readers! If you have a shade of gray in your own home and you LOVE it… PLEASE SHARE!! I’ll love you forever!! Here are a few of my many home pins that I’m using for inspiration! What do you think?!

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