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For some girls it’s earrings.  For some, it’s purses, but for most, it’s shoes.  Shoes are normally any girls obsession.  However, shoes have never been my downfall…..Except when they are teal! If you haven’t noticed, I’m just a little fond of teal, aqua, and any shade close to that! Michael and I were out shopping on Saturday and I was doing great.  No unnecessary purchases, only essentials….and then I saw them.  They were so cute.  The perfect shade of teal and to make them even better….they have bows! I was sold….the problem was that they didn’t have sizes in double digits!  Yes, I have unusually large feet.  As I continued walking around, looking at tons of cute clothes I couldn’t buy, nor that I needed  to buy, Michael was searching for my size.  Yes, I know…he’s a keeper.  Not only will he shop with me but he’ll practically climb under tables looking for a pair of teal heels of enormous size.  Needless to say, I splurged a bit and I think it was worth a little “good things” post!

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