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This is such an honor!!! I’m still PINCHING myself that I even had the honor of traveling to Lake Como and photographing this lovely couple’s wedding. And so it makes me really happy to see it highlighted recently on BRIDES.COM!!! Woohoo!! Greg and Kate’s wedding day was nothing short of a fairytale. Literally. Michael was probably annoyed at how many times I said “CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS REAL LIFE?!” throughout the day, but I was seriously in a photographer’s heaven!

My favorite part about this feature on BRIDES.COM is the quote “When you meet because of pizza, you have to get married in Italy, right?”!! I love this, because everything about Greg and Kate’s wedding was catered towards who they are! The location, the toasts, the details, the guests…. it was the most heart-felt day. I’m still wishing I was back on that gorgeous white-stoned patio overlooking the lake while guests toasted the newlyweds!

For those who have asked how we book our destination weddings… you’re looking at it! It’s the power of the blog! This blog has generated a following over the years, and every now and then we are contacted by a sweet couple who has been following along and is ready for it to finally be their turn!!! Kate had been following along for a while, and I was so excited when she reached out! The key is consistency! I know that . . . between a harder-than-normal pregnancy, having an unexpected surgery, being a new parent, and now having some not-so-fun hip issues with our 5 month old… I haven’t been the regular blogger that I used to be. However…. the years of constant work and constant content creation are still paying off, and I’m thankful for the long hours that I put in! It’s WORTH IT FRIENDS!!!!

Here are some of my favorite images from this Varrena, Italy wedding on Lake Como at Hotel Ciprissi!


xoxo, Katelyn
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